Patient Testimonials

Everytime I walked into NCC I was greeted with great positivity. Everything I could have asked for. Dr Elsa calmed all our nerves at every appointment and also gave us the best delivery experience that we could have asked for. Highly recommend everything about this clinic and Dr Elsa.


The staff make the clinic, from the reception staff, midwife and Dr Elsa. Every visit is enjoyable. I could not recommend everyone highly enough. Thank you for everything everyone has done for our family.


Dr Elsa is the best Obstetrician in town! After a negative experience delivering my first child I came to Dr Elsa pregnant with doubt and worry. She was extremely reassuring and a partner in my pregnancy journey, something rare to find in a Doctor! She is the best! x o x o


From first day that I walked into the clinic I have had a wonderful experience, friendly staff and helpful. Dr Elsa and Cat always available to answer my questions. Delivery experience will be one to remember. A big thank you to Dr Elsa and all the ladies. We will miss our visits to the clinic. Thank you!!


I love Dr E. Her approach, attitude and skill are key to making her the best ob/gyn! I had two kids with her and if I were to have more, I wouldn’t do it without her.


I am very happy from the service received from the team at the clinic! Dr Elsa is a fantastic professional and I trust her fully. She has always taken care of my health and given me the right healthcare advice.


I am a family medicine specialist and have referred a number of patients over the years to Dr Elsa. This is my first visit as a patient and I am absolutely delighted. The reception staff is friendly and pleasant, the nurse was professional and effective. Dr Elsa was truly wonderful. She gave me time, talked through things, had a holistic view and was clinically excellent. I rate her 5/5. Thank you Dr Elsa and her staff. It is greatly appreciated.


I could not have been happier with the way Dr Elsa managed my health complications and blessed us with the most beautiful girls. Thank you Dr Elsa and all her wonderful girls at the clinic”.


” Dr Elsa and her team are simply amazing! From the first day I walked into her office to the day I delivered my twins, the journey was full of warmth (from her and her staff), through knowledge and information and they just made you feel like you were part of the ‘New Concept Clinic’ family.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with New Concept Clinic. All the staff was quite friendly and helpful. I particularly loved how Dr Elsa explained everything regarding my pregnancy in great detail. This made me comfortable in sharing any concerns I might have had and having them addressed appropriately. Would definitely recommend Dr Elsa to friends and family”



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